"The Capitulation of Santa Fe"

This stamp was issued to show the entry of General Stephen Watts Kearny into Santa Fe. A painting by M. Chapman.

Strange  :  the first two horses are sharing seven legs !




And here is the “beautiful blond man” with a parting in the middle, whose hair is barely a mess !

In water polo, the swimmers wear caps to be identified by color to recognize which team they are on.   Otherwise, how to recognize the team members ?




This  wheel hasn’t any spoke !


This one doesn’t either !


Cyclo-cross Worl Cup

Neither spoke nor brake !!!



 Graphic Design  “Estienne”


 According to custom, the designer’s name must appear next to the engraver’s name.  This drawing is SANDRINE RAMOIN’s work.  She was a student of “l’Ecole Estienne”, and won the first place for the best student contest for Graphic Arts !





These shipwrecked people are really unlucky because besides the misfortune, they don’t have oars.





This picture shows 24 interwoven woolen ropes, symbolizing the radiance of  the countries members of CEPT (The European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations).  1 fiber for each member.  In 1970, 26 countries were members of CEPT whereas only 24 ropes appear in the stamp.

The problem comes from the recent membership of Malta and former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in 1970.

Among all countries, the stamps with 26 fibres were issued only by France and the Principality of Andorra !



Commemoration of the Passion of Christ

On the occasion of the commemorations of the Passion in Oberammergau  this stamp features the tools which are used for a crucifixion except the Crown of Thorns.



Plane overflying Paris

This plane has no caudal rudder which enables to pilot.

The tail of the aircraft lies much too low and it hasn’t the landing gear that protects the tail.  The registration is completely weird !

The location of the monuments leaves much to be desired, especially concerning The Arc de Triomphe in comparison to the Seine.   On the right, the stamp presents a nonexistent Parisian viaduct.



Friendship Games

The 1963 Dakar friendship Games are reserved solely for amateur boxing.  Amateur boxers must wear a tee-shirt or a singlet top.  In contrast with amateur boxing, professional male boxers have to be bare chested.


The stamp on the right shows an Olympic boxer accurately depicted since the Olympic games are reserved for the amateurs.



The tilling

These oxen are ploughing without reins, halter or harness !

The same French principle can be applied in Spain !  But furthermore the Spanish oxen are trained to march in  step !




Here is an hydroplane overflying Cayenne in French Guiana…. with no engine !

A similarity between the planes can be observed. 

The stamp at the top shows a plane that looks like the CAMS 53 plane. That plane was fitted with 2 Hispano Suiza 500-CV engines.  We see very well the two  opposite propellers, in front and behind the top wing.